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NEW NEWS 1/29/10

We have added a 2 oz. bottle of our

UV epoxy to our supplies page

NEW NEWS 6/3/09

Because of popular demand we now list 1 gallon refills

online. No more need to email for special ordering.

2 Week lead time still required

NEW NEWS 12/20/08


After years of testing products to allow users to dome ink-jet prints with our epoxy we finally came across a viable solution.

We have tested a clear vinyl adhesive sheet that our epoxy adheres to very well. The vinyl is now available on our products / supplies page.

There is also a video tutorail for it on our tips page.

NEW NEWS 12/15/08

Are you making epoxy jewelry?

Then you need to check out our new site EpoxyJewelry.com

Our new site is carries epoxy and supplies tailored just for epoxy jewelry makers.

Questions & Answers

What is Epoxy Doming?

Epoxy doming is the addition of a glass like shell to a decorated item. This could be anything from labels printed on an ink jet printer to lapel pins made from metal. The doming process depends on surface tension to form a bubble of epoxy on item being decorated without going off the edge of the item. The epoxy is then exposed to low intensity ultra violet light which initiates a chemical reaction that causes the epoxy to harden.

What's it used for?

Epoxy doming is commonly used for items like lapel pins, name badges and key chains. Epoxy domed labels are also widely used on appliances, automobiles, computers, stereo equipment and such. For many more ideas on how to use domed items visit the tips section, and keep checking back as I will be adding to this section on an ongoing basis.

Please be advised that we do not support the use of our doming system on ink jet paper products or regular ink jet printouts. This product was designed for dye sublimation and we also have customers that use it with resin printers and some color laser printers and engravers. While it is possible to use it on some ink jet papers and inks we have found in our testing that there are very few that work due to chemical reactions between inks, paper coatings and the UV epoxy. For this reason we will not be able to support it's use on these products.

The Process

Until recently the equipment required to create epoxy domed items was very expensive and was only feasible on large scale jobs. Due to setup costs and product waste anything under 500 pieces was considered to small an order to be worth while, many companies had minimum orders in the thousands. Thanks to new low intensity cure epoxies you only need an inexpensive low intensity UV light source to be able to create the same products that only the big boys could a few years ago. That coupled with innovations that simplify application of the epoxy have brought it to the small scale factor that makes it feasible to do small runs. This opens up a market for short run items that was not previously possible.

My Experience

I started doming items a few years ago. I started with two part mix doming kits and had limited success. I kept searching for something better when I ran across UV curable epoxies made for doming. These new epoxies looked like the perfect product except the UV ovens available for curing started at $3,000.00 and up. I then found a source for an epoxy that would cure using low intensity UV light, basically a black light. This was great! I bought some and was able to make small runs with good success. However I still ended up spending over $1,000.00 on used dispensing equipment that was not really suited to short run jobs, it was wasteful, messy and required an in house air system to push the epoxy out of a syringe. I used this for about a year, but I was always looking to make it better, less expensive and simpler.

The Breakthrough

I got rid of one computer in my office and was left with an old keyboard drawer. The kind that you place your computer or monitor on and your keyboard slides in and out in a drawer. I started looking at the drawer and decided to see if I could attach some UV lights inside and make a much better light source for curing the epoxy. It worked out great, lots of room, brought the epoxy to within one inch of the UV bulbs (recommended curing distance) and was very easy to use since it slid in and out.

About six months after making the UV oven, I attended a small get together with other sublimation decorators to give a demo of epoxy doming. At the demonstration I got a lot of questions and interest in my home made UV oven, many asked if I had considered marketing it. Well to make a long story short I have now started producing the ovens for sale but I felt that all that I learned about storing epoxy, use, dispensing and supplies needed would be better packaged as a kit. So I bring you the UltraDome kit. This kit contains everything you need to get started in doming your products. 

The Next Phase

Well the UltraDome kits have been out for a few years now. I keep getting requests for a lower cost solution. Even though the original UltraDome kit was about half the price of it's nearest competitor I felt that it could be improved upon. Customers kept stressing that functionality was a priority over looks. This started my search and R&D work on a less expensive but functional kit. I also decided that not everyone needs all of the supplies that were originally included in the kit. Because of this I have put together several options, You pick your light source and then pick the supply kit that fits your use and budget.

In the end, UltraDome is the most cost effective way to get into Epoxy Doming. Get yours today!!

All purchases are final, no refunds on shipped items