Introducing the new UltaDome II

This new addition to the UltraDome family has the largest cure area of all of the UltraDome ovens to date. It has a spacious 13" X 12" cure area and will cure this size area in 20 minutes. It utilizes 3 Powerful 40 watt UV lamps.

We have kept with our philosophy of utilizing existing products to drastically reduce manufacturing costs. In the case of the UltraDome II the main case was an Akro-Bin. This allows us to be about one tenth the cost of comparable units. However we don't skimp on functionality.

This new design takes advantage of a new fluorescent ballast technology. This technology requires less power, produces less heat and provides more even lighting than traditional ballasts. This ballast also provides faster starts and will allow the bulbs to last longer.

We do a burn in test on each oven to assure proper operation (slight colored rings on lamps are normal). The oven itself measures 16.25" W X 15" D X 7" H. Oven includes a glass doming tray.

Here is a photo of the UltraDome II. The included doming tray is inserted in the front of the oven. In this photo you can also see the green lighted power switch.

Below you can see the front entry of the oven. You can also see a glimpse of the three powerful UV lights

Here is what we have under the hood.

We have 3 powerful 40 watt UV bulbs to provide 120 watts of power.