NEW NEWS 5/10/11

Have your own UV Light?

We now sell a 2oz. UV epoxy for testing purposes. Now you can see if your light source will work with our epoxy

NEW NEWS 12/20/08


After years of testing products to allow users to dome ink-jet prints with our epoxy we finally came across a viable solution.

We have tested a clear vinyl adhesive sheet that our epoxy adheres to very well. The vinyl is now available on our products / supplies page.

There is also a video tutorail for it on our tips page.

NEW NEWS 12/15/08

Are you making epoxy jewelry?

Then you need to check out our new site

Our new site is carries epoxy and supplies tailored just for epoxy jewelry makers.

NEW NEWS 10/1108

Due to large amounts of SPAM our support email address is changing. Please click on "Contact" to use the new address.

NEW NEWS 9/18/08

Check out the new UltraDome Mini Max kit.

It combines our popular UltraDome mini with all the most popular accessories in one kit

NEW NEWS 12/27/07

Because of requests for specific label recommendations for color laser printers we are recommending labels from we have tested and found their "weatherproof laser only" labels work excellent. Their "white glossy laser only" labels also work but under rough handling the epoxy may peel off the label so it's not recommended for rough service items like keychains. Both label types come in a wide variety of pre cut shapes or you can get full sheets and cut your own. When doming pre cut labels remove all of the unused area (waste stock) before doming but after printing.



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