Q: Can I use standard ink jet printers to make domed labels?

A: Until recently the answer was no. The inks and paper tend to have chemical reactions with the epoxy preventing it from curing. However we now sell a clear adhesive backed vinyl that can be applied to ink-jet prints to allow them to be domed. Our vinyl has a permanent adhesive, allows the epoxy to cure & allows the epoxy to adhere permanently to the vinyl and ink-jet print

Q: Can I use a color laser printer to make domed items?

A: Yes. We have tested several products printed with color laser printers and so far everything has worked. This does not mean that there might not be some paper or product that may not work.

Q: My epoxy hardened on top but not the bottom. I can slide it off and am left with a sticky layer. What's wrong?

A: Your item had some sort of chemical on the surface that prevented the epoxy from hardening. This happens with some metals because they use oils in manufacturing. Simply clean the item with isopropyl alcohol before doming.

Q: My item did not cure completely, the top is sticky. Why?

A: There are 3 possible reasons for this. The first reason is epoxy contamination. Possibly the item was printed with an ink jet printer. Second, the item was either not in the curing zone of the UV oven or was not left long enough in the UV light. Last, be sure the epoxy is not out of date.

Q: I am having curing problems, how can I find out if it's the epoxy?

A: Simple, put a drop or two of epoxy on any inert item (plastic spoon, coin or plastic top from a fountain drink) and try and cure it. If it cures then your epoxy is fine.

Q: Is it possible to over cure the epoxy? What happens if I leave it under the light too long?

A: No, you cannot over cure the epoxy and leaving it under the light too long will have no ill effects.

Q: My epoxy is out of date but it seems to be working. Is it OK to keep using it?

A: Yes, properly stored epoxy may function perfectly well after the use by date. If it's still working keep using it.

Q: How can I tell if I my epoxy is too old and should be replaced?

A: It will give you hints, it may start being less clear and have a green or blue cast to the finished items. Also it may not cure completely.

Q: Can the epoxy be used for outdoor items?

A: The epoxy can start to yellow if used outdoors 7/24. Because of this we do not recommend it for use on cars or other outdoor items. It is OK to use for items that will get limited exposure outdoors. As an example we have domed name tags that are worn by employees at a restaurant that has outdoor seating in sunny California. They have had their badges going on 5 years and they still look great, these are outdoors at least a few hours a day 5 days a week.

Q: is the epoxy scratch proof?

A: nothing is scratch proof, however, our epoxy is extremely scratch resistant. It can be used on key chains with no problem.