This page is were you can find tricks on using UV epoxy as well as marketing ideas. I will be updating this page as new information becomes available so keep checking back.

Here is the instructional video for using UltraDome. It shows the original UltraDome oven but the technique is the same for all UltraDome ovens. You may wish to view this Quicktime© movie if you are thinking of getting into epoxy doming. It shows the basic steps involved in the process.



Our original movie

QuickTime 5.X

Adhesive vinyl for ink-jet application

New UltraDome Mini movie


While your epoxy has a use by date set by the manufacturer, you can extend this a bit by simply storing it in a cool, dark, dry place. Your kit included a Rubbermaid ® cooler, use this to store your main supply of epoxy as well as your dispensing bottle. In fact you can place the dispensing bottle in with the Luer-Lok ® needle attached and epoxy still inside. This means there will be little to no cleanup after use.

I have successfully used epoxy stored this way for more than a year after the use by date. I cannot guarantee this extra time but you can increase your odds by proper storage.

You can use regular rubbing alcohol and paper towels for cleanup of epoxy spills. If you drip excess epoxy on the glass plates, don't worry, once cured you can simply pop the cured epoxy off with a blunt object like a screwdriver, this is another reason to keep the glass coated with the spray adhesive, it allows for easier removal of hardened epoxy.

Product Ideas

There are many mainstream products that work great with epoxy doming, such as, key chains, stickers, lapel pins & name badges. There are also vastly untapped product ideas that are only possible with short run epoxy systems. Imagine giving a grandmother a set of small epoxy domed earrings with a picture of her grandchild on them! Or other jewelry items like a broach or a tie clip for grandpa.

Does your town have a computer shop that builds the systems they sell? Many cities have at least a few these days. Make a 1" square label with their name an logo on it, dome it and drop it off in person and show them that they can personalize their computers for a very small fee.

Domed labels can be sold to many service companies. Imagine you take your VCR or TV in for repair, when you get it back there is a small domed label on the back with repair company's name and phone number, next time you need service you will likely remember the sticker and use it for contact information. Domed labels can be used to decorate items you would not normally think you could using ink jet or sublimation. I have placed them on calculators, letter openers and many other items that have a small flat surface.

Product Finder

Here is a list of suppliers that sell products that are suitable for epoxy doming. We will be updating this list as we find more suppliers. If you know of a supplier not on the list please E-mail us to have it included on the list.

 Company name Product(s) Contact info  Notes
Innovation Specialties  Key chains, desk accessories, calculators and more

Teale St., Culver City, CA 90230

Phone: (800) 421-4445, (310) 398-8116 - Fax (310) 390-5793

Blank product pricing is next Qty.

I.E. buy 25-50 Qty pay 51-100 price

 Kamark International  Key chains and more  732-882-0288 Fax-732-882-0290 They have a catalog of hundreds of high end key chains
 Simba  Mostly awards but they have a line of promotional products that includes key chains and more. California 805-240-1365 Fax-805-240-1367
Miami 305-828-2096 FAX-305-828-2196
Indiana 317-896-3880 FAX-317-896-3350
They have different catalogs, ask for promotional products catalog.
 I·Mark  They carry mostly high end pens but also have some high end key chains. 817-465-6681 FAX-800-842-8221 Some of the pens have a flat top that could hold a small round domed label.
 N-Line / N&N Plastics Plastics products including key chains, envelope slitters, bookmarks and more. 727-397-8237 FAX-727-397-8356 Many of these products are perfect for decorating with domed labels.
 ID Plates Blank metal in different shapes, key chains, pin & clutch backs. 1555 High Point Drive
Mesquite, Texas 75149
Phone 972-216-1616   - Toll Free 800-395-2570
Fax 800-934-8304
 Lots of stock metal shapes and sizes, they also do custom sizes and have sublimation metal. Get a catalog, very nice!!
 Sweda A few very nice key chains.


Not a lot but what they do have is very nice.
 Universal Woods FRP key chains, sublimation jewelry. 2600 Grassland Dr., Louisville, KY 40299 I have been told these look great with doming.
 Rowmark Sublimation metal, Mates sublimation sticker material and more.


 Mates are great for doming and applying to many items.
 Nova Chrome Sublimation metal. 1-800-788-NOVA Sheet and custom cut sublimation metal.
 Johnson Plastics Lots of engraving and sublimation products. Pin Backs and badge holders  1-800-869-7800

 2 online catalogs

8 locations across the US.

 Eastern Findings Jewelry making supplies like rings, pendants, bracelets and more.  1-800-332-6640

 215+ page catalog. Costs $10 to get one but they credit you on first order.